July 2018

I have a new LP due out the end of July. I lucked out and found an amazing group of musicians on Craigslist to play on it. Luke Broadbent on guitar, Andrew Mell bass, Jesse Greenlee drums and a host of other amazing session musicians. I also got a great new photoshoot done with Jacob Pace, who I’ve known for a decade but am only now working with.

July 6th 2018

I had a great time playing at LaVelle winery tonight. I feel blessed to play music for people. Wineries are a great place to try out playing a variety of styles. 20180706_203044

I cut a new track last night at Soaring Heart studios with my main man Geoffrey Mays. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming album SHAKEN AND STIRRED, should have it finished by July. It’s a whole mix of sounds, lots of folk rocky ballads that are products of life experiences and remind me of the music my parents played when I was a child. I tapped into my Scottish roots and recorded a traditional ballad too. You’ll even hear a little bit of Burning Man coming through….Keep your eyes open for a release party. Cheers.

First blog post

Super fun show last night at my house with Seattle’s best, Debbie Miller. Alex Marchillo ripped it up on the Cajon, and I got a chance to sing some new songs. Super grateful for friends who showed up and made it a special night.