Upcoming Shows


June 7th- Axe and Fiddle, Cottage Grove 9pm. Playing with Jessy Bird and Desert Sage

June 8th – Oakshire Public House, 207 Madison Street 6-9pm

June 9th – Will Leather Goods Boxcar at 5th street MarketĀ  11-1pm

June 9th – House Show Portland, OR 8pm. Email Sustainablejoypublishing@gmail.com for details

June 10th – House Show Seattle, WA 8pm. Email Sustainablejoypublishing@gmail.com for details

June 11th – Hyatt Hotel at Oakway, Eugene, OR 6:30-8:30

June 12th- Hideway Bakery with Jessy Bird and the Desert Sage 6-9pm

June 15th – Will Leather Goods Boxcar @5th street Market 4-6pm

June 16th – Live Talk show with Elliot Martinez @Blairalley Eugene, OR 8pm

June 17th – Hop Valley Tasting room Eugene, OR 4-6pm

June 17th – Sam Bonds Garage with Jessy Bird and Desert Sage 9pm

June 26th – Willamette Oaks Senior Living 7:15-8:15

July 6th -LaVelle Winery, Veneta Oregon 6:30-8:30

July 7th -BrewStation, Cottage Grove with Jessy Bird and The Desert Sage 6pm

July 9th – Hyatt Hotel Oakway Center 6:30-8:30

July 12,13,14,15 – Oregon Country Fair

July 16th – Hyatt Hotel 6:30-8:30

July 27th – LaVelle Winery Veneta, Oregon 6:30-8:30

July 29th – Crescent Senior Living Eugene, OR 3:30 PM

July 30th – Hyatt Hotel Oakway Center 6:30-8:30pm

August 3rd,4th,5th – Arise Festival, Loveland, CO

August 8th – Public House 418 A Street, Springfield, OR 7:30-9:30pm

August 8th,9th,10th – Beloved Festival Tidewater, OR

August 24th, LaVelle Winery Veneta, OR 6:30-8:30

August 25th, Sweet Cheeks Tasting Room, 5th Street Market 6-8pm