Omaha, Nebraska

I had a great time in Nebraska.

The Down Under bar hosts open night on Wednesdays in downtown Omaha. It’s a great way to get heard and feel the pulse of the local music scene. Aly Peeler is the woman who runs the event and she is awesome. We both share a mutual admiration for John Craigie who seems to have played everywhere in America winning hearts and selling baby onesies.

On Thursday I played a house show at chez Holly Lukasiewicz. Playing house concerts can be one of the greatest highs as a performer because of the unparalleled intimacy you have with the people listening. A group of people who have dedicated time to commune and watch music is a blessing from on high, because let me tell ya that ain’t always the case. I got to split the bill with Omaha’s own Brikwondo comprised of Dylan Goodman and Brian Curtis.  They sound like Wilco meets Pavement and accomplish a very complex sound for a duo. It was a great evening, Holly is an artist and truly made a magic event happen AND she supplied hot cider and moon pies, and I was gifted the left overs. Two weeks later I am still finding wrappers in my car….

On Friday morning I played at a Kundalini yoga class. I learned some mantras at a Steve Gold workshop held at Breitenbush in 2016 and it’s been a really awesome addition to styles or venues I can play. Om namah shivaya, “Oh Salutations to the auspicious one.” Its mostly instrumental music with interspersed vocal mantras and “My sweet Lord” during the rest period.

Friday night I played at the Apollon art space in the Vinton district of Omaha. I would definitely play there again and recommend anyone who is passing through to check out the art and theatre that they put on during the year.

Saturday I took off for a church convention in Missouri.

Kundalini Yoga class with Abby Phoenix
Dylan, Holly, me, Brian at California Bar for some late night Karaoke
Black Water, Missouri convention with the Nichols

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