John Day One

Last night I played at the 1188 Brew Pub on Main in John Day, Oregon and was very kindly treated and well fed. This is a cool spot that I’d recommend anyone driving through eastern Oregon make a pit stop at, it’s kind of an oasis.. I played a two hour set of originals and covers. Playing for two hours seems daunting but I’d actually prefer it to a forty five minute set. For the last year this has been one of my main sources of growth and inspiration musically, it makes my skin grow thicker. Two hours of singing and playing also allows me to try out a bunch of songs and styles, and if I feel like the first one flops, I have one hour and fifty five minutes to right the ship. And most importantly it helps me see that all things are changing and passing, I can have every emotion known to man in two hours and not get attached to any one of them.

John Day is a super small town. It’s sunny, and for the most part people seem friendly. They have a great coffee shop on Main street with awesome bagel sandwiches. It’s nice to have a chance to do some computer work that I’ve been lagging on from pressure of moving. Publishing new songs and uploading music for digital distribution takes a certain amount of time and bandwidth.

I stayed at the Dreamers Lodge last night. Last room available. It’s elk hunting season and it’s hard to find camping sites or rooms. I ran into Gary Battles this morning, the guy who helped get me the gig at the 1188 Brew Pub when he saw me play in Eugene. He was in full hunting gear and wished me well on my voyage east. Also a songwriter and performer, he lived in Nashville in the 80’s and spent a lot of time at the blood bank, as he said many musicians did at that time because it was hard to make a living. I told him I would sell blood but last I checked they won’t accept mine because I lived in the UK in 1995 during the  Mad Cow pandemic. This explains. I’m a nut.



Co-pilot monkey
First show in John Day at 1188 Brew Pub

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