September 5th 2018

I’ve got to say, I won the mom lottery. My mom taught me to play guitar and gave me a deep appreciation for music and art. Last week I got the privilege of playing an intimate house concert with her for a handful of our close friends. It was sentimental for many reasons, the  first being because  I’m moving to Nashville on the 20th to further pursue a career in music and secondly, fall equinox will be here on the 22nd and leaves are dying, Summer is ending. My mom is an incredible songwriter and her songs take the listener on a journey of heart felt experience. One of my favorite moments of the evening was harmonizing a Donovan classic, “Catch the Wind.” What a beautiful song. I can see why he was penned as the Scotland’s answer to Bob Dylan. I also can’t sing this song without thinking of when I sang it for my girlfriend in high school and told her that I wrote it…..I fessed up later.


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